Atelier Ricci

Enter the Magic

Atelier Ricci opens its magical salons to help children in India

The splendid salons of the historic Atleir Ricci in the heart of Lucca provided the backdrop for an evening dedicated to fashion and charity.

“100 dresses, the colours of India and the memory of the journey” saw on the catwalk the creations of designer Lisa Quaratesi Vincenzini followed by a charity sale to raise funds for a school in India, the Mango Tree Goa House.

The designer has been a trustee of the Mango Tree Goa House for 10 years, an institution that looks after schooling and health needs for the children in that area. She produces her collections in India to support this institution. Over breakfast with her friend Rugiada Salom Ferretti, co-founder of the newly created cultural association Città di Matita, the idea for this event was born – “It was an honour for us at Città di Matita to organise, as our first event, something beneficial to help children” says Rugiada. 

Lucca’s response was above expectations. The sale of the creations raised over 3600 euros, funds sent directly to the director of Mango Tree House.

We were there to capture the buzz of the preparations and the happening.