Wøm! A musical and Art festival, exhibiting pure Italian Indie music and local art, with new and up coming musicians combined with the famous. A vibrant festival spanned over three days in May 2018 included a local food stand, selling hemp based munchy products!!!…and the obvious…for those thirst mongers a selection of beer…and not only to lull your thirst. Amongst the bussling bodies to talk to are the local artists and their stalls. Ranging from photography alla Tuscan, art and film production, original vinyls to hemp based products of all sorts, and let’s not forget a few mad hoolahooping girls…and for those book worms…you are not alone. What better way to spend summer…with music and arts…


Keep that weird eye open for more events! Summer has arrived in Lucca.

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Jacqueline Tyrrell.

Photos by Carmen Klammer. See more photos on our facebook page.